Shungite pendulum


The energy pendulum for biolocation is an indispensable thing. This Shungite pendulum will help to get the right answer to any question. But in order for this attribute to work correctly and without failures, it needs to be properly configured and learn how to work with it correctly.



The biolocation pendulum

Since the 8th century BC, mankind has enjoyed a biolocation pendulum. Outwardly this magic attribute looks very simple. It is a conical object hanging on a thread. Such pendulums have been used for a long time by the inhabitants of ancient Greece, Rome, Babylon, Mesopotamia, Urartu and Assyria. And today the interest in the biolocation pendulum is not lost.

First you need to choose the right pendulum. Pendulums are made of various materials. We offer a pendulum from schungite: the oldest mineral – the concentration of all ancient knowledge, a witness to the birth of the Earth and the birth of all life on our planet. Touch your pendulum, feel its energy, get used to it. For beginners in this process, solitude and a relaxed state are recommended. Excessive tension, noise and the presence of other people will destroy the atmosphere.

In interaction with the pendulum, try both the right and the left hand. Pinch the loose end of the chain or lace between the thumb and forefinger, place the elbow on the table, sit yourself comfortably and straight to feel relaxed. Do not cross your legs and arms. The movement of the pendulum should not interfere with anything.

Say hello to the pendulum, ask it How will the” yes “be?” The pendulum can swing from right to left, back-to-back or in a circle, remember this movement. So the pendulum will talk to you. Thank him, tell me what you remember. Ask him: “How will” no “? and remember this movement. Now you have set up communication with the pendulum and you can ask questions.

How to ask questions? Make it a rule to prepare questions in advance before the session. Do not get lost on other thoughts by asking a question. The question should be formulated so that it can be answered with an unambiguous answer: “yes” or “no”. When you ask a question, you somehow address the Universe, although you planned to communicate only with your subconscious. The next group of questions should be something like this: are there any dark physical or non-physical entities that can interfere with my pendulum session? If not – all is well, ask the next question, if yes – ask them to retire. After that, you can continue to work by asking personal questions.

When you learn how to easily work with your pendulum, you can continue to develop this skill: use colors, alphabet, numbers and much more. In essence, the pendulum does not solve all the problems, but with the right treatment it will help in solving difficult questions, will become your advisor in your affairs.

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